How To Get a Free Master Card From Payoneer

Do you really want to know How to get a free Master Card from New York City? Yes that’s right it’s FREE! You can receive a mastercard sent to you directly through postal mail, absolutely free! This is one of finest ways to receive your online earnings in hand. Free mastercard in Indonesia or any country This offer is available exclusively for users in 200 countries. If you are outside of Bangladesh or Pakistan, you can still apply for this free mastercard. You wont need a bank account in order to have a free master card. You will not need credit statement to get a mastercard. You can use this master card to do online shopping, buy laptops, gadgets, pay online bills, buy domains and use paypal. You can use this free mastercard to get your funds from a local ATM. Yes Dutch Bangla bank, Janata Bank Q-cash, Standard Chartred ATMs are available too! You can use this mastercard card in foreign countries. You can use this mastercard in shopping malls. So How To Get a Free Master Card From Bangladesh or Pakistan? Get your own free mastercard in just 3 steps: Step #1 – Sign up for the payoneer mastercard The first step for you to get a free mastercard is to follow this link and click sign up! sign-up-for-a-free-mastercard-from-payoneer-and-earn-25 The good news is that after writing this review, Payoneer Inc contacted me and they created a special promotion where you can sign up and receive a free $25 bonus. Please use this link to sign up and receive $25 when you activate your card. Step #2 -Submit details and apply for a mastercard Now you have to submit your details, on the first step of the order process, add your full name, date of birth, address and phone number. This will be the address they will mail you the mastercard. If you want to supply a different shipping address, then click to select a different address. order-payoneer-mastercard-from-bd-pk-step-1 In step 2 of the order process you have to specify a password and a security question and answer. Please write down the information you have submitted. order-a-payoneer-mastercard-step-2 In step number 3 you will be asked to submit verification documents. You have the choice to use national ID, passport or driving license. You can use the Govt Voter ID of Bangladesh or your national ID card in Pakistan to sign up. If you have a passport you can use that too. If you do not have any of them, say you are a minor and have no voter ID, then ask your parents to use their information. For this go back to step one as you will need to use your parent name and details. payoneer-mastercard-from-Bangladesh-order-step-3 Now check all the terms and click finish. You should now receive a message or email of your submission. Step #3 -Receive & activate your free mastercard You will receive your mastercard within 30 days. In Bangladesh it took me roughly 30 days to receive. Some people got it even early within few weeks. I guess in Pakistan, the process is similar. After you receive your card, log in to your payoneer account and add the digits you see in your card. Add the pin number you want. After that your mastercard will be activated! getting the mastercard here in bangladesh mastercard in hand Depending on your location it may take 2-4 weeks to receive this card. This will be from a standard postal mail. Loading money to your card To load money, go to this page and someone who has money in their card can load your mastercard. Someone living abroad who has a mastercard or visa card, can also load to your card. I have seen an issue recently that when you get your card first you cannot load money using another card. They require that you load your card from sites like odesk/elance first. I don’t know why they did this thing so before ordering this card make sure you are working on any of these marketplaces and have at least $100 to load. You can sign up for odesk (a freelance marketplace) and use this as a payment method. From odesk just go to the payment methods and activate the payoneer option. When they ask to sign up for a card, just click that you already have a card and link it. odesk-payoneer-signup This card also has the US payment option available.


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